End To End Services

At High Performance Coatings Co. Ltd., we believe in providing our customers with everything they need. We don’t only focus on selling our products. We focus on providing you with whatever you need to make sure your project gets off without a hitch.

Warehouse HPC

Free Material Delivery

We know you are already hassled about getting your project off the ground and finished on time. That’s why we take the onus of material delivery. Rest easy knowing that your materials will be delivered to your site, completely free of cost!


Project Specification Design

Do you need coating solutions tailored to your specific project’s requirements? Our venerable experts, who have more than thirty years of experience under their belts, will be glad to work with you and your team to design custom solutions for you!


Technical Support

Got a technical problem that has you and your team stumped? Have no fear. Our staff members are well versed in solving all sorts of technical problems and will be happy to provide assistance. We also have the technical support of all our suppliers.

Fireproofing Products Onshore

NACE Certified Inspectors

Our inspectors have received certification from NACE Coating Inspector program and are qualified to carry out coating and fireproofing inspections to assist our customers in the field.

Pyrocrete Shop Application

On-Site Coating Inspections

We hold ourselves to the highest international standards when it comes to coating inspections. With our experienced inspectors, you can be sure that we will notice even the small discrepancies and mistakes which can cost you a fortune down the line!


Coating , Insulation & Fireproofing

Count on us to provide you with the specification, support & materials needed to get your project from start to completion. We carry a large stock and deliver on-time, every time.

Whether it is an onshore or offshore project, HPC can provide unique fireproofing solutions!