Our Approach

A Company Built On Values

High Performance Coatings Co. Ltd. is a company that’s known across Trinidad and Tobago. HPC has been providing Coating & Fireproofing solutions throughout the region for the past 16 years. Across the islands, we are known for our dependability and our flexibility. We provide solutions to all manners of clients, both onshore and offshore. We serve the interests of the region from two locations, one in San Fernando and the other in Barataria. While the locations may be different, the level of dedication and staff expertise is the same. Stock, technical support and free delivery are available at both locations.

With credentials such as these, it is no wonder that The Carboline Company, a global powerhouse, has chosen us to be their sole distributor in the region.

Our Story

Why Choose Us

Southern Warehouse

Dedicated Storage

Our HPC warehouses have dedicated rooms where the temperature is controlled to store specialty coatings that have specific storage requirements. A keen eye ensures that nothing is amiss and that all products are stored safely and securely.


Specialised Mixing Options

We understand that some of our customers would like to have the coating paint tinted to a specific shade. We have specialised workers who are experts at tinting paint. After tinting, our coatings are put into the shaker to ensure consistent colour.

If you have a project that needs fireproofing solutions, trust HPC to help!